Family Camaraderie

Once a month we welcome our Veteran community to come together as one. This includes any and all military members and their families, regardless of whether they are currently serving.

This has been one of the most important components to our program. Veterans in isolation can create strain, and worsen struggles with loneliness and detachment. Realizing that you're not in this journey alone is important, and the Veteran community understands the transition back to civilian life. Beyond the service member, spouses also have the opportunity to meet someone else who understands the daily struggles that go along with a military marriage.

The kids get to connect too, and have fun - all while creating community and new memories together.

We encourage you to come out to one of our upcoming events, and enjoy our relaxed & welcoming evening.


Spiritual Connections

Our space is open to all who want to connect on a spiritual level.

We host small groups and have a monthly larger gathering for folks to come together. Each month covers specific topics that Veterans are dealing with as they progress through their community reintegration.

Topics like “Battling Conflict” are hosted in 1 hour gatherings are presented by Jeff Cobb, a fellow Veteran who would minister to us on deployments.

Weather permitting, we meet outside so that we can take advantage of our wonderful facility and be near the animals.


Giving Back

We've found that warriors love to give - it's part of who we are.

Giving back to the community is built into our program and allows for controlled and comfortable interactions with Veteran friendly organizations in our area.

During Phase 5 of EAL, Veterans split their community involvement time between Little Blessings and with one of our community partners. Established partners like Habitat allow for a comfortable serving experience, where your particular skill and talents can directly help our community. This starts as a minimum of 5 hours to each of the 2 groups; however, it can vary based upon your level of desired involvement.

Civilian integration at its finest! Our goal is to lower the barrier between returning Vets and the public sector, through continued involvement and support.


Warrior Spotlight

Warrior Spotlight is our weekly live video & podcast sharing real stories, raw emotions and courageous hearts.

The mission of this show is to reach Veterans who are isolating and family members that don’t know where to turn to.

Community leaders, health professionals and Veterans join us on our show - sharing their real experiences as they try to connect with others.

This is near and dear to our heart, driven by local Veteran support services who want to assist, and community support partners who have a passion of serving Veterans.