Warrior Equine Empowerment

Our Program Works

Veteran Therapy

Our Equine Assisted Learning Program is intensive, intentional, and individual. We have 5 phases, each playing a critical role that build upon each other.
During Phase 2, the Eagala EAP model is applied and our Certified Eagala Mental Health professionals are present in the arena during each session. This is where we see some of our most dramatic breakthroughs, here in this quiet space surrounded by horses.

50 weeks – 5 phases – 1 Warrior – includes EMDR trauma therapy

Sponsorships are vital!

This allows our Warriors to take a more relaxed journey with incredible resources that increase their chances for long-term success.

Spouses Equine Development

Living with Veterans is challenging.

This is about YOU not your Veteran. In this space you will develop useful tools to move forward, get unstuck and create healthy boundaries.

Spouses are the backbone that keep homes and families operating in a “normal” capacity while the military members are deployed. They are the foundation for the family when the Veterans leave their service with many mental challenges.

This is a space for YOU! Working with horses, working on YOU!

Military Kids - SEEAL

(Social Emotional Equine Assisted Learning)

Children can need additional support coping with the long-term separation from their parent that naturally accompanies a deployment.

During an 18 week, 3 phase program, children of Vets learn a variety of skills.

Through community involvement and activities, they foster teamwork as well as enrich social & emotional skills.

Being able to have a community of their own, as children of Vets, allows for sharing emotion in a safe environment and to feel a sense of ownership and participation in the family.

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