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Yoga is back on a weekly basis! Everyone left feeling more relaxed than before and stretched out! Check our Facebook for upcoming Yoga sessions.

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We are beyond thankful!

Today I want to send out a huge thank you for Rush Plumbing!!! This incredible company has put all new plumbing in our two bathrooms. Last week we had our

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Buy a Bale

We are absolutely BLOWN away at the support YOU have given us on our “Buy a Bale” campaign. You’ve exceeded our goal TWICE and we still have have another 30

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Thankful Thursday!

I want to say thank you to both of these great guys!! This is a perfect example of how Veterans find a their place and plug in at the ranch.

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Spouses and success!

Tonight our military spouses group focused on the word SUCCESS! Take time to remember to celebrate YOUR own successes because success looks different for everyone! These ladies really know how

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Military Kids Group 7 begun!

We are so excited to announce our 7th group of military kids have stated their 18 week journey in our Social Emotional Equine Assisted Learning S.E.E.A.L. program! On January 15th,

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Did you know?

Why is hay important for horses? High-quality hay can provide most of the nutrients needed for a mature horse. The hay should be cut early and be leafy, green, and

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Water is important!

Water has a role in moving digestion through the intestine. Lack of fresh, unfrozen water is the number one cause of colic during the winter due to intestinal impaction. One

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