You Can Get Involved, We'd Love Your Help!


Events & Fundraising are the heartbeat of non-profits. If your gift is event planning, and ensuring every detail is covered, then this is where YOU want to be. Taking the tickets at the door, setting up the decorations, or making sure the bathroom is clean, are all equally important when hosting events.


The Warrior Garden is a very special place where families spend quiet time. Here, YOU could assist with planting, watering and/or weeding the garden. We pride ourselves on maintaining the grass, the kids play area and our fire pit. If you love grounds work, this is your spot.


Integrative wellness like yoga, reiki, meditation and art healing are all very important in the whole health concept we believe in. We are always looking for instructors to leads wellness classes for our Veterans and their families. Here is where YOU can make someone’s day a little healthier.


Our monthly gatherings are so critical for our Veteran families and our community partners. In this space, camaraderie is found, civilian integration is happening and trusting bonds are being built. YOU can sponsor a monthly dinner, host a gathering or bring a dish and join us.


If YOU love animals, then you for sure want to sign up for this! We are housed at Duke Petting Farm and they have all sorts of animals. There are always things to do at the farm, mucking stalls, feeding animals, repairing fence or buildings new structure. Many hands make light work.


Our military kids program was developed with the intent of having one educator, one equine specialist and one volunteer per class (18 weeks, 3 phases). If you love being around kids and have an education background, have the availability to volunteer, then you are going to love this!