Herd Meditation

This is an amazing space to be in. We are guided by a softly spoken meditation, followed by submerging ourselves amongst the horses. Blending quietly into the herd. Observing their movement, their stillness, allowing ourselves to “just be”.


Yoga On The Farm

Yoga on the farm provides a place to stretch your body and relax your mind, all in the presence of God’s amazing creations. Yoga is an ABSOLUTE necessity for our Warrior program. It is during these open space sessions, you will start the mental integration process of the civilian world.


Art Assisted Healing

As soft music plays in the background, you will be guided through creative drawing using art supplies. During your time, you will be invited to immerse yourself within the herd of equine. Take the time to quietly absorb what the horses have to offer during each session.


Massage Therapy

We believe massage therapy helps Veterans with PTSD. Massages can significantly reduce both inward and outward struggles such as headaches, anxiety, irritability and depression. We know chronic pain is very common among Veterans, which is why massage therapy plays a critical role as a part of our integrative wellness plan.


Reiki Therapy

In a study conducted by the Military Medicine Journal, researchers examined Reiki's effectiveness, labeling it as “Healing Touch”. They observed a number of benefits, including a drop in PTSD symptoms in ways that were considered clinically and statistically significant.


Warrior Garden

Get your hands dirty planting your own veggies, meet some new friends or relax in the meditation room. Warrior Garden allows for a variety of interactions, have purpose and work with our volunteers. This space also offers you an opportunity to put your toes in the sand, or lay back and swing in one of our relaxing hammocks.