Horses are measured in hands?

Way back in the day, they did not have standard measuring tools so people went by the king’s hand which was 4 inches wide. So today a horse is 15 hands tall equates to 5ft tall at the withers. Our horses range from Tango’s little self at 7.2 hands to Journey’s tall stance at 17 hands.

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Another Veteran Graduates!

What an absolutely incredible community we have that supports us and the Veterans we serve! Last Thursday, we celebrated Jenny Wertz, a Navy Veteran who completed the 50 week Equine

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Garden has been planted!

Our Warrior Garden was planted and is now on it’s way of growing. This garden has continued to be another element to the Ranch and the families it serves.

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Our Intern Graduated!

Rain graduated from the University of Toledo with her Masters in Social Work. We are extremely proud of her and excited to watch her grow. She has accepted a part

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