One whole year!

Today we celebrate our 1 year anniversary at our home, The LB Ranch.
A year ago today we were handed the keys to our new home. A space that had set empty for about 6 years. To some this was a daunting task, to others it was a blank canvas.
We celebrated that very night with a bonfire in the middle of the arena, headlights on our cars, lighting the space and toasting to each other in the joy of what was about to happen.
Absolutely no time was wasted at rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. Veteran families rolled in one after the other to lend a hand in helping transform their new space.
The community came running with excitement that this old horse ranch was generating new life. They sponsored the garden boxes, they donated supplies, they fed us along the way and most impressive, they just simply wanted to be part of and give back to, the heroes and their families who had sacrificed so much.
In the last year, we have been supported by this community with taking these buildings that did not have electricity, to lighting the inside of our home to the security lighting that surrounds the entire building.
Taking a cold dark scary, damp, raccoon infested, smelly building and breathing life into it, with natural lighting, better and safer access throughout, wheelchair ramp, developing an ADA compliant bathroom, creating an office for Kyle, a family room with incredible visibility for families to watch their loved ones working on becoming healthy and creating an upstairs room that can be anything we want it to be.
The Veteran lives that have been touched, transformed and saved, have not been by chance. God had a plan and he has executed it perfectly. The military families that are being impacted in this space are absolute results of what God intended us to do at our new home.
God has provided us with such a remarkable space and opportunity!
I can’t wait to see what this next year is going to bring us.
If you have not visited The LB Ranch we would love to give you a tour.
Contact Jamie at 419-779-0342
If you want to volunteer or help support us in our mission financially, please visit our website below.
Check out the video to see how far we have come!

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