That’s a wrap on Summer!

One of the many things I love is that we partner in the community with so many different organizations.
The partnership we have built is a giving one on both ends.
Let me tell you about our ESS (Enhancing Strength and Support) kids.
This program is an educational and behavioral support program that is administered through a partnership with the Monroe County Family Court, Airport School District, and Monroe County Community Mental Health.
Last year we received a call asking if we would allow these kids to come out and do some community service. The woman I spoke with said they had a hard time finding somewhere that they could go on a regular basis.
I’m so grateful that we were able to help them out and they help us out.
These kids and the supervisors that come with them work vary hard for about 3 hours, once a week at our ranch!
They have helped us with so many different projects. Weekly weed whipping, moving stone, weeding the garden, filling water troughs, moving old fencing, the list goes on and on!!
They are usually with us from about April to October.
We are beyond grateful for all that they do for us.
On their last day, we provide pizza and their favorite part, getting a chance to ride the horses.
It’s amazing watching these kids grow from the beginning of the season until the end of the season!

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