We have some new faces at the Ranch!

Jamie ventured to Maine to bring back two new/old faces.
Sebastian and Bjorn, majestic Fjord horses, were part of Little Blessings from the start of our equine program in 2018. Their owners relocated to Maine in 2021, where one is an Army veteran and the other is a Coast Guard Commander. The horses went Down East with them. We were sad to see this wonderful family and their two horses leave!
About a month ago, we received a call from the owners asking if they could donate these two horses to Little Blessings! The owner’s children had grown and were moving successfully on to new life phases, and the Commander was soon to relocate.
With the approval of our Board of Directors, we jumped at the chance to have Sebastian and Bjorn back in our equine program, joining our “bigs” and “littles” mission of comfort and understanding to Veterans and their families.
Thank you Mr. Doug, Laurie, and Krystyn for helping with our journey!

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