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Spouses and success!

Tonight our military spouses group focused on the word SUCCESS! Take time to remember to celebrate YOUR own successes because success looks different for everyone! These ladies really know how

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Military Kids Group 7 begun!

We are so excited to announce our 7th group of military kids have stated their 18 week journey in our Social Emotional Equine Assisted Learning S.E.E.A.L. program! On January 15th,

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Group 6 of LBMK has graduated!

That is officially 69 children graduated from the Military Kids’ Program within 2.5 years! A big thank you to Kaylee and she is the Manager at Bubba’s 33. They sponsored

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Group 6 Finishes Phase 1

The Military Kids celebrate completing Phase 1 of the 18 week Social Emotional Equine Assisted Learning Program by horseback riding! these kiddos have to show great coping skills during moments

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Another graduate in the books!

This incredible woman right here is an Air Force Veteran. Ann is our most recent graduate of our 50 week Equine Assisted Therapy Program. The determination Ann displayed during her

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